Engineered quartz is created from pieces of stone mixed with flexible resins & coloring. Not to be confused with “natural quartz” or “quartzite,” engineered quartz is a smart combination that has proven to be as strong as granite, and especially resistant to stains. The reason for this, is pores in a quartz countertop are very tiny and close together, making it difficult for liquids to penetrate through. As long as any mishaps are dealt with promptly and wiped up, it’s possible for your manufactured quartz contertop to last a lifetime with a virtually perfect stain-free surface.

According to the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) engineered quartz is now the most used countertop material in the country. Engineered quartz surpassed granite as the leading countertop material in 2014; at least for kitchens created by NKBA members. With that said, granite still comes in a close second, and some individuals will always prefer the word “natural” over “engineered.”

One would be hard-pressed (sorry about that pun) to find a kitchen countertop that’s easier to keep clean or maintain than a quartz surface. At the end of the day, most people are looking for two things: First, ease of maintenance and functionality. Second, a countertop that reflects personal style and tastes. So, no wonder manufactured quartz is “the new big thing.” Engineered in every color and design under the sun, while strongly maintaining it’s low-maintenance reputation, how can we resist?