Natural Marble Countertops

Timeless luxury and elegance: this is natural marble. With a softer makeup than other stones, a marble countertop is the perfect choice for adding sophistication and style to lower-traffic areas.


marble colors


Perhaps the most alluring of all of the worlds’ stone, marble has retained its beauty for generations. Formed from recrystallized carbonate minerals, this naturally opulent rock is adorned with swirls and veins formed from various minerals. Mother Nature blessed this stone with great variety, meaning we can deliver beautiful marble countertops in almost every imaginable color.

Marble compliments many other areas as well – large or small – in various sizes and designs. Splendid marble bathrooms with marble surfaces on the shower walls, tub decks, flooring, vanities and countertops. Marble brings beauty to the walls, fireplace, flooring, staircases, and ornamental furnishings.

Softer and more porous than granite, marble is most suitable for lower traffic, formal areas of the home. Never outdated, always in fashion, marble is the perfect choice for individuals with a desire to communicate natural elegance.


bathroom marble countertops
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